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Indignation is the main drive for supporting the online campaign. The ever-growing list of signatories of the ‘Call for Ethical Clinical Trials in Developing Countries’ contains nearly 170 institutions and individuals, at this time. Three supporters explain why they signed.

Mr. Silvio Garattini, director Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research, Italy, and member of the campaign’s Committee of Recommendation:
‘My interest in ethics of clinical trials stems from different kinds of malpractices observed during my pharmacology training. The unduly use of placebos and the selective publication of papers are some examples. I have been acquainted with Wemos and
the campaign only recently, but I have found quite a number of common aims and visions. Over 40 years, the Mario Negri Institute is dedicated to supporting ethical research at experimental and clinical levels. The protection of patient rights, through independent trials and information, is among our major objectives. It is, therefore, not surprising that dozens of researchers of Mario Negri have given their support to the campaign.’
Silvio Garattini 
Ms. Lilian Haneveld-Witteman, pharmacy assistant, The Netherlands:
‘It really hurts me that pharmaceutical companies take the risk
of injuring people for commercial reasons only. One day, I happened to hear on the radio about unethical clinical trials. I was shocked and decided to write a paper on the issue,
focusing on policy influencing, for my pharmacy assistance training. During my search on internet, I discovered the campaign and, of course, added my signature.’
 Lilian Haneveld-Witteman

Mr. Takeo Saio, internist, psychiatrist, and occupational health consultant, Japan:
‘My interest in unethical clinical trials is related to the history of my country, Japan. During the Sino-Japanese war of 1937-1945, the former Japanese army performed unethical human experiments on prisoners of war. They were, for instance, injected with inoculations of diseases, disguised as vaccinations, to study their effects. Today, people are still subjected to unethical trials. Such practices are unacceptable. Therefore, I am happy to support the campaign.’

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5 February 2010



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