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  German media pay attention to Wemos' work on fair drugs

Pharmaceutical companies do not always act in compliance with the rules when testing medicines in low income countries. Sometimes trial participants hardly receive any information and have no idea about the (health) risks they run. This is shown by different reports published by the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) and Wemos.

Recently, Annelies den Boer, Wemos’ expert on medicines, contributed to two German documentaries about clinical trials. Den Boer was interviewed by the German television program Nano and by the German television station WDR. Nano broadcasted a documentary about trials for new pediatric medicines. In this documentary, Den Boer expressed her concern about the impact of clinical research on test subjects in low income countries:

‘It is very important that new pediatric drugs are being developed. However, we are concerned about the way clinical trials are carried out in low income countries. In these countries, the rights of participants are often insufficiently protected. Wemos advocates adherence to the rules that protect vulnerable people against unethical drug testing.’

The documentary of the WDR shows the participation of Indian test subjects in clinical trials from Western pharmaceutical companies. In this documentary, Den Boer insists on stricter European checks of clinical trials which are mainly carried out in countries where supervision is inadequate. She also states that violations of ethical guidelines cannot be left unremedied.

In addition to these documentaries, Wemos is mentioned in an article of the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine. This article covers the issue of clinical trials on test subjects in countries like China and India.

For years, Wemos has been committed to advocating adherence to the rules that protect vulnerable people against unethical clinical trials and to lobbying for ‘fair’ drugs at the European market. This lobby is paying off: European regulators have formulated concrete action plans to improve supervision at European level.

Watch the documentaries of Nano (from minute 16:25, Annelies den Boer is speaking) and of the WDR (from minute 05:00 till 05:30, you can watch Annelies den Boer speaking).

Read the article of the Frankfurter Allgemeine.

Do you want to read more about Wemos’ work on clinical trials? Have a visit at and click on ‘Medicines’. The project Medicines is part of ‘Health Unlimited’, Wemos’ initiative to foster and promote globally responsible behavior in the Netherlands. Read more 



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